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  Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor Actuators:
DeTech offers a full range of hybrid stepper motor linear actuators from size 8 to size 34 (8,11,14,17,23,34). The actuators translate linear motion using precision rolled and machined acme lead-screws from .138" diameter to .625" diameter. The linear systems are available in a wide range of speed and force outputs. All linear actuators can be customized for application specific needs. Linear actuator types that are available are external linear, (rotating screw with external nut) and non-captive (stationary screw and internal rotating nut).

Common Stepper Motor Applications:
DeTech's high performance products are used in some of the most demanding applications such as laboratory automation, life sciences applications, medical instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Automated test equipment, surveillance systems, avionics, labeling machinery, packaging, metering and dispensing, engraving machines, automatic feeding machine, 3D image acquisition system, rapid prototype machines, label and die feeder, bar code printing, antenna, fiber optics switch, laser measurement, press printing, color / photo imaging.

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