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Glass Extrusion

DeTech Extruder - DeTech’s proprietary laser/computer controlled extruder allows for rapid prototyping and development of tubes and rods with softening points of up to 800ºC. The precision extruder is capable of producing virtually any cross-section geometry as well as multiple bores in rods and tubing. Diameters of up to 75mm and lengths greater than one meter can be achieved. Detech’s extruder is capable of generating 2.5 tons at up to 250PSI while feeding up to four liters of glass per hour.

DeTech capabilities include :
  • Annealing of Glass Extrusions
  • Bending / Slumping / Fritting
  • Precision Diamond Cutting
  • Mechanical Polishing & Beveling
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Fire Polishing
  • Acid Etching
  • Custom Formulas

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